Pamper Saturdays

I can’t tell you how excited I am with our new brand Grown Alchemist.
It was on my radar for quite some time, but as I told you before - with our hair care products by Sachajuan - I like to test and try everything myself first.
I don’t want to add a brand to the shop if I haven’t tested it.

I mean, how can you sell something to your customers, if you have no clue what you are selling?

Grown Alchemist is often described as ‘Australia’s fastest-growing organic skin care sensation’ and I do understand why. Their products are packed with the most effective natural ingredients to trasnform the beauty of your skin.
They believe that improving the health of your skin cells, will optimise your skin function. You will create the perfect environment to release your true beauty.
It’s not really a secret that I’m all in when it comes to organic and botanical products.
I like to know what i put onto my skin.

All products DO NOT contain any petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic colors, artificial fragrances, animal derivates, synthetic colors nor do they contain silicones. Everything is made with bio-active certified organic ingredients.
And that is exactly what I want from a beauty, skin care or body care product.

I don’t even know what to call my favorite product so far as I am still enjoying all of it.

Especially today, as Saturdays, or just weekends in general are all about spa-at-home pampering for me.
I always like to start with a facial polish.  It’s a very gentle one, so suited for all skin types and is perfect to polish away all dry skin and dead skin cells. Afterwards, your skin is so smooth and radiant, and ready for your toner and moisterizer.

One of the products I also love very much is the purifying body scrub, which has peppermint in it, so you can imagine the revitalising sensation of this!  I use this in the morning, right after my workout, which is perfect before starting your day, as you feel re-charged and ready to go.

After showering, I like to use some of the body oil, which is not greasy at all. The sensuous Ylang Ylang scent is to die for. Skin feels so soft and hydrated.

There is still so much more to try and talk about, but I’ll leave that for next time.
Untill then, i hope you enjoy the new products as much as I do, and in case you have some questions, or you want some more info .. never hesitate to contact me.


Wishing you all a very lovely weekend,


Pamper SaturdaysPamper SaturdaysPamper SaturdaysPamper SaturdaysPamper Saturdays