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When I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t resist to start my hunt for baby clothes.
I think it’s really some kind of button that goes of in your head that says: MUST.FIND.CUTE.TINY.PIECES.OF.CLOTHING. (At least, that is what I’m telling myself)

Still, I wanted to wait untill we knew the sex of our baby, to really go and look for some things.
Now when it comes to clothes, it’s pretty simple: black, grey, nude, cream, white and navy. And stripes, the more, the better.
No prints. 

I know it’s a baby, I know he’s small.

I know tiny people look good with anything. I know there are a loooooot of prints out there right now. I know baby clothing is all about cute animals and fluffy stuff and disney related things but it’s just not my thing, personally.

And as long as I can still decide on his garments, I’m going all out on the neutrals. Perhaps later, he will be mad at me for it but untill then, I’m enjoying these moments.

No need to explain my excitement when I found out about Organic Zoo, thanks to The Little Natural Co. Simple basics for tiny people, and it’s all organic. Match made in heaven and sounded like music to my ears

OrganicZOO is a conceptual British fashion brand for babies that will melt your heart with its incredibly soft 100% organic cotton.
Their passion is to design and create luxury organic baby wear that is made in Europe using the finest quality materials and craftsmanship. OrganicZOO is all about big dreams and little pleasures.

Why do they use Organic Cotton?

It is better for our Planet, as organic fibers are grown without yucky chemicals.

It is softer and kinder to your baby’s skin, as it does not contain allergenic, or toxic substances.

Organic cotton farmers get a much better price for their crop, so they can live a happier life!

Shop all of Organic Zoo right here and here.

Check out some of my favorites for baby James!




To Shop ◊ Organic ZooTo Shop ◊ Organic ZooTo Shop ◊ Organic ZooTo Shop ◊ Organic ZooTo Shop ◊ Organic ZooTo Shop ◊ Organic ZooTo Shop ◊ Organic ZooTo Shop ◊ Organic ZooTo Shop ◊ Organic ZooTo Shop ◊ Organic Zoo