To Make ◊ Chia Seed Jam

Some duo’s are unbreakable.
Like the old-fashioned PB&J.

Peanut Butter and Jelly
that is.
A marriage that will never.ever.ever.end. (Not in my world though)

But for a health freak like me, (and not ashamed to admit) I always found it hard to find a jam that doesn’t glue your lips together, since most brands add so much sugar. Fruit on its own is already sweet enough, I don’t really think you need to add loads of sugar on top of that.

Good news though as TCM (Better known as The Chalkboard Mag) just recently showed us how to make one very healthy and simple jam.

Turns out all you need is fresh fruit and Chia Seeds.
Yep that easy.

When you put Chia seeds together with liquids, it turns into a gel-like base, so its the perfect match for jam or jelly. It’s so high in fiber, boosts your metabolism and is one of the richest anti-oxidants.

Nothing but good stuff!

So let’s get to it.

Chia Seed Jam


1 basket of fresh raspberries (or any kind of berry you like)
2.5 Tbsp of chia seeds
1 Tbsp of maple syrup or raw organic honey (if you prefer stevia, use much less)
a pinch of pink salt
5 tsp of lemon juice

To Make

Put chia seeds in a little bowl and cover with water. Just enough so that they’re totally covered. Let them soak for about 5 minutes until they form into a gel.

To a blender of any kind, add the fresh berries, lemon, salt and sweetener. Top with chia gel, blend until desired consistency is reached. Enjoy immediately or keep refrigerated for morning toast or top overnight oats!




To Make ◊ Chia Seed Jam