See through ...

Before your house starts to look like your personal dream house, you have to go through a lot of phases.
A lot.

We’ve done the brainstorming, we’ve done the visits to our architect, we’ve done the whole ‘look at plan- change plan - approve plan’.

Now it’s floors, tiles, windows, more windows, more tiles, and some more tiles, ...
Showroom, after showroom, after showroom.

So far, so good.
I probably won’t say this anymore after showroom number 32 but thats okay. grin

The good thing is, we’re on the same level.
Really ...

Our dream house looks the same.
That made me really happy.

Many times, when talking about this with friends and family, we’ve heard about the guy who had to give in, or the girl who had to - kind of - go with her other half’s idea.
I know, many times, you really have to adjust your own idea and compromise.
And try to get to the same level.

One thing we need in the house is light, and lots of it.
Therefor, walls are going down and glass is coming up.
And lots of it.

Some inspo right here.
Makes me want to move in already!

(surce: pinterest)



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