Cooking with LPP - Sweet Potato Slices Pancakes

Just because it’s Sunday, just because we can’t ignore this amazing recipe, just because it’s pancakes!

And there is always time for pancakes.

Extra edition of Cooking with LPP!

Enjoy! x

Sweet Potato Slices ‘Pancakes’

Always trying to find some creative hacks that require zero input and maximum output and super effect! Thats where these Pancakes come in!

what to do:

Used thick slices of sweet potato, slow roasted them at 160*C , to create that marshmallow-y flavor! Topped them of with whatever you have on hand, fruits, nutbutter, shredded chocolate, maple syrup, granola, nuts and seeds, jam, poached fruit,...

zero input =just roughly slicing the sweet potatoes and letting the oven do the rest while you just chill some more… maximum output=pancakes!
Added warmed blueberries, some banana slices, toasted coconut (yup, here is that toasted coconut again! ) cacao nibs and gingerbread cashew creme! (Blend a cup of cashew with some water, gingerbread spices, and sweetener) inspired by @sakaralife ‘s Sweet Potato Breakfast

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Cooking with LPP - Sweet Potato Slices Pancakes