Cooking with LPP - Avo on the Road

Don’t think one week goes by without including avocado in our meals/menu.
It’s healthy, delicious ... and truly addictive.

So no surprise at all that this week’s edition of ‘Cooking with Les Pestes’ has some mighty avo power!

Enjoy! x

Avocado on the Road

What to do (It can’t get any easier!)

Slice open avocado. Remove the pit and place it back in again, to prevent the avo from turning brown. Scoop out the flesh from the other halve. Make an avocado smash with lemon juice, sea salt and chili. Or make Avocado cubes. Fill up the half with the smash or cubes and whatever you desire! Cilantro, radish, kale, toasted sesame seeds, toasted Buckwheat,... Close avocado, place a rubber band around it.


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Cooking with LPP - Avo on the Road