Who’s SFYC

Hey there,

Welcome to Sugar For Your Closet.

I have always referred to my shop as ‘my little baby’.
She was born in November 2010, and it’s been quite an amazing journey so far.

Why online, you think?

I’m a big online shopper myself. I think it’s a huge luxury we have nowadays. Some people are so busy with work and their household, that they don’t really find the time to go shopping during opening hours.
Some don’t even feel like facing a big crowd or wait in line, so that’s why I decided to bring all of the goods to you, through my online boutique. You can browse through all the wonderful goodies, while relaxing at home.

From when I was a little girl, I’ve always enjoyed and adored jewelry and everything beauty and skincare related.

I try to find brands that are - to me - playful, eye catching and most of all ... pieces you covet and adore. For our skincare and beauty range, I look for brands that carry the same ideas and philosophy as I do. You’ll notice I have a passion for all things plant based and organic.

I don’t really think you can sell products to your clients, if you don’t believe in them yourself, and most of all, if you don’t use them yourself. So I always try everything out first.

I want to make this shopping experience for you as pleasant as possible, and I hope you will enjoy it to the fullest.
So if you ever have questions, requests, ... just drop me a little note.
Never hesitate to contact me.

Last but not least, it’s not because this is an online store, that it doesn’t mean you can’t make an appointment to come and see, try, smell, ... everything right here at our place. I’ll be more than happy to welcome you all.
Simply send us an email to make your appointment.

Always remember ... We all deserve a little treat.


Joke, xoxo



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